Desktop CNC cutter

CNC cutter ALUTEX is a reliable companion for entering the CNC world.
It surprises with its performance among its competitors thanks to quality components from industrial machines like ball screw, rigid prismatic guide, and much more.

From 2 150 excluding TAX

Configure your machine for your needs.

Technical parameters

About 1100x1100x550mm
Alumium profiles and dural sheets 8mm
Working area:
About 750x750x120mm
Linear rail: 
Prismatic rail HGR15 with carts HGH15CA
Moving parts:
Ball screw SFU1204
Stepper motors NEMA 23 2,2 Nm (4pieces)
Max. feed rate:
2 400 mm/s
Trimmer router / Spindle motor 1,5 kW including VFD
Control system:

LinuxCNC running on Raspberry PI 4